8 Career Opportunities at Datis HR Cloud

New Posting Director of Sales
< 1 Month Ago
DATIS is seeking a National Sales Director to provide leadership and strategic vision for all sales activities. You've built numerous sales teams before. You know what it takes to go from $5-10M to $30-100M in ARR. You know how to be 'high in the cloud' and 'deep in the weeds'. You like solving problems and you're up for a challenge. You have a natural bias towards action. You appreciate sustainable growth and you're looking to join a collaborative, fast-paced, growing company.

< 1 Month Ago
DATIS is seeking a Director of Customer Support and Professional Services. For this role, you should have practical experience leading a growing department of degreed professionals in the field of Human Resources and Payroll who are supporting a SaaS system. DATIS offers a small and innovative company atmosphere that enables our employees with the tools they need to succeed in producing impactful work. Our team consists of bold and passionate individuals that thrive in our relaxed and casual environment. If you are a self-motivated and hard-working individual with an insatiable drive for results, passionate about helping others find strategic solutions to their challenges, and you have an inherent hospitality mindset to provide positive experiences and leave lasting impressions, then this is the right role for you. This position is one that requires a data driven approach to staff motivation and mentoring, professional skill development of team members, researching client issues, and ensuring that Service Level Objective (SLO) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) thresholds of support are met. You should possess a passion for customer service – creating a positive, yet accountable environment in which team members can confidently provide predictable and timely quality support.

You will be the Senior Technical leader at DATIS. Your primary responsibility will be to grow the team and guide them through adding new features and updating existing ones as well as developing new functionality yourself. Specific projects will include building on to our new mobile app, enhancing reliability and performance, optimizing processes, and recruiting and training new team members. This will be a hands-on position, meaning you will be writing code in addition to your leadership duties. You will also work closely with your peers on the leadership team to assist with DATIS company strategy.

< 1 Month Ago
As a Full Stack Application Software Developer joining the Development department at DATIS, you will become part of a collaborative and cross-functional team that works closely with our Customer Enablement department and other team members who are eager to take our product, e3, to the next level. We are a company determined to stay on top of new technologies and are in the process of evolving our entire platform to achieve a new level of system performance and user experience. Our infrastructure runs on AWS and we are currently exploring the implementation of.net Core and Angular 2.0.

DATIS is looking for a top-notch Back-End Software Engineer to help us bring user experience to the next level. Are you currently seeking an opportunity within an exhilarating and rewarding technology company? DATIS offers a small and innovative company atmosphere that enables our employees with the tools they need to succeed in producing impactful work. Our team consists of ambitious and passionate individuals that thrive in our relaxed and casual environment.

1 Month Ago
Do you have what it takes to continuously provide outstanding Customer support? Are you ready to take your knowledge of HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration, collaborating and problem solving to resolve Customer issues? We have a unique opportunity within the DATIS Customer Enablement team for a person with vision, a passion for excellence and a track record of success. This is not a role answering questions - it's about digging in and coming up with solutions to a variety of time sensitive, operational critical issues - it's about passion, innovation and excellence in a fast-paced and dynamic organization.

DATIS is seeking a Benefits Data Analyst for our Support team to deliver superior customer service of our proprietary, comprehensive HR solution to our external customers. The role will require frequent and direct customer interaction. The right candidate will have an aptitude for learning HR software solutions, a passion for service, and problem-solving ability. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth and for continuous learning and development in this role.

We are looking for a Software Quality Assurance Analyst who enjoys working on complex problems to help improve our Product and development environment. You will work in tandem with our software development team to test the code changes and automate the process. We are looking for strong software engineering candidates who have a background in programming combined with a passion for software quality and test automation.